JIN is a European communications agency, specialising in digital influence and public relations, supporting businesses and organisations in creating a positive impact.

JIN was named the EMEA Digital Agency of the Year for 2023 by PRovoke Media, as well as the Public Relations Agency of the Year for 2019 and 2021.
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Digital influence and public relations working together to build a trusting relationship with communities.
Our story

Alexandre Villeneuve, Romain Boudré, and Edouard Fillias met in 2012, sparking the creation of JIN. Their respective expertise in technology, digital marketing, and corporate communication lies at the core of the agency's culture.

With the opening of offices in London in 2014 and Berlin in 2016, JIN has become a leading player in communications consultancies in Europe. This strong European presence, combined with a network of 25 partners, enables us to support over 100 international clients.

In 2022, Opinion Act, a digital consulting firm, joined the JIN group, with the ambition of becoming a major European player in digital influence consultancy, specializing in community activation. Opinion Act's data-driven approach complements JIN's expertise in corporate communication, digital marketing, and public relations.

Our story
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Our vision
We unleash the power of communities for brands, organizations, and leaders seeking to develop trust and positive influence.

Positive influence is built upon two fundamental values: the courage to engage with society and the usefulness of brand communication, which must be relevant. We cultivate the positive influence of organizations within their ecosystems, these galaxies of communities that shape reputation and business.

We firmly believe that the internet and digital platforms, when used wisely, serve as vehicles for trust and positive influence. We aspire to contribute to this digital world as pioneers through our pro bono program, Good Tech.

Our vision
Our values

It is our core value, a prerequisite for trust. We nurture our relationships with clients and peers by prioritizing what is fair, ethical, and positive. Far from intrusive communication, our work is guided by positive influence.

However, we do not denounce, we do not make accusations, and we trust those who claim to be doing their best to find solutions. We celebrate goodwill wherever we find it.


Not everything has already been discovered, thought of, or created before – everyone has their own ideas, more or less in line with those of their peers. Progress is made by learning more, delving deeper, and exploring new horizons. We believe that keeping our eyes wide open means avoiding the status quo. Acquiring knowledge allows us to challenge our biases and broaden our minds.

At JIN, we believe that failure is nothing more than a tremendous learning opportunity. Yes, we may fail, but only if we learn from it to do better next time.

Commitment & Impact

Our teams are not just here to support you; they are one with your goals. We share both your successes and disappointments, and we engage accordingly. Our rule is to make every necessary effort to achieve the desired impact because it is unthinkable not to fulfill the promises we make to our clients, society, and ourselves. We firmly believe that commitment is the foundation of trust and that trust is the key to influence.


We are a socially responsible agency that strives to have a positive influence within our ecosystem. Whether it's in our relationships with clients, influencers, or media, or more broadly in how we perceive our role in society as an agency, our work is always guided by ethical considerations. We never choose the easy way out, even if it requires extra effort. Open-mindedness is a necessary quality at JIN, and all our teams seek solutions that are in the best interest of our clients, stakeholders, and society as a whole.

Entrepreneurship & Audacity

JIN was founded by entrepreneurs with a spirit of independence and excellence. The entrepreneurial mindset has been ingrained in our DNA since the agency's inception. For every project, we demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness to offer innovative solutions to our clients' challenges. We take risks to innovate, explore uncharted territories, and overcome obstacles.

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