eBook | How to deploy an employee advocacy program and mobilize the company’s talents?

Published on 17/09/2018

JIN has organized several trainings and content strategy programs for both employees and directors, launching the first employee advocacy programs for Bouygues, Colas, TF1, Europcar, Prodware, and Crédit Agricole. The initial spark that brought these programs into motion was the considerable interest in social media and the new world of digital transformation shown by our clients’ employees and often by the directors and CEOs themselves.

Employee advocacy, definition

For leaders, employee advocacy involves displaying one’s interest in and understanding of digital transformation. For employees, it is a means of strengthening their capacity for action and communication, both inside and outside of the company.

This approach consists in encouraging employees to share engaging content on social networks, related to the company and the industry. By becoming E-Ambassadors, employees develop their personal brand while increasing the company's visibility on social networks.

They become E-Influencers while contributing to the development of the company's image and e-reputation.

The JIN teams firmly believe in the concept of employee advocacy: it is a mode of communication based on trust, sincerity and benevolence, cardinal values of the contemporary brand. An employee or an executive who publicly commits to promote or defend the reputation of his brand and products is the most obvious sign of trust and benevolence towards his company.

While many question the sincerity of communication, it seems to us that employee advocacy has become an essential base in brand building.

eBook : Employee Advocacy
How to deploy an employee advocacy program and mobilize the company's talents?
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